Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board

Rule Rule 875-001-0040
Public Records and Materials


All requests for copies of public records pertaining to the Veterinary Medical Examining Board available at the Board office shall be submitted in writing. Public records are also available for viewing in the Board office during regular office hours.


Charges for copies, documents and services shall be as follows:


For machine copies requested by other state agencies and the general public, the charge will be the accepted government agency rate per copy;


For documents developed by the Board, the Charge will be an amount fixed by the Board or its Executive Officer not exceeding the actual preparation cost per copy;


For both machine copies and documents, a charge for any additional amount set at the discretion of the Board or its Executive Officer for staff time required for search, handling, and copying.


Charges for the general public shall be payable in cash. Charges to state agencies shall be payable in cash unless billing to such agencies is authorized by the Board or its Executive Officer.

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Jun. 8, 2021