Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board

Rule Rule 875-015-0035
Minimum Standards for Veterinary Telemedicine

(1) Veterinary Telemedicine (VTM) occurs in Oregon when either the animal who is receiving the care is located in Oregon when receiving VTM or the person providing the care to the animal is located in Oregon when providing VTM, pursuant to the provisions of ORS 686.020 (License required to practice veterinary medicine). VTM may be provided only under a valid VCPR.
(2) VTM may be used when a veterinarian has a VCPR only when it is possible to make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan without a new physical exam. .
(3) VTM may be used with an existing client when there has not been a previous physical examination for the purpose of prescribing sedation for an aggressive or fractious patient prior to an initial visit.
(4) Prescriptions may only be issued when VTM occurs if the veterinarian has evaluated the safety of doing so via VTM, and in compliance with all state and federal laws.
(5) A veterinarian shall not substitute VTM for a physical exam when a physical exam is warranted or necessary for an accurate diagnosis of any medical condition or creation of an appropriate treatment plan.
(6) When practicing VTM in Oregon, licensees must conform to all minimum standards of practice and applicable laws. Licensees are fully responsible and accountable for their conduct when using VTM under the Board’s statutes and rules.
(7) Whenever VTM is practiced in Oregon, a veterinarian must:
(a) Ensure that any technology used in the provision of VTM is sufficient and of appropriate quality
to provide accuracy of remote assessment and diagnosis.
(b) Ensure that medical information obtained via VTM is recorded completely in the patient medical
record and meets all applicable requirements of OAR 875-015-0030 (Minimum Veterinary Practice Standards)(1).
(8) A veterinarian may only delegate the provision of VTM to a Certified Veterinary Technician who is acting under direct or indirect supervision and in accordance with OAR 875-030-0040 (Supervision of Certified Veterinary Technicians). A valid VCPR established by a physical examination conducted by the veterinarian must exist for the CVT to provide VTM services.
(9) Veterinarians and CVTs providing VTM shall at the time of service provide their contact information to the client or practice using the service. All VTM records shall be provided to the client or practice and are subject to the provisions of 875-011-0010 (Unprofessional or Dishonorable Conduct) (12), (13).

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