Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board

Rule Rule 875-040-0010
Certification of Technicians


In order for a person to become a Certified Euthanasia Technician (CET), the person must:


Be an employee or a volunteer at a humane society, animal control agency or animal holding facility (agency);


Complete Board-approved training;


Pay an annual certification fee of $25.00.


Upon separation from an agency, a CET may not euthanize animals until the person is employed by or a volunteer at another agency, and the agency has notified the Board. Certificates are valid only for the agency at which the person is currently working.


If a CET is reemployed or volunteers again within 18 months of last certification, the agency may apply to the Board for reactivation of the person’s certification. After an 18-month lapse in certification, the person must become recertified as described in (1).


All certifications expire on October 31st of each year.


The Board may suspend, revoke or discipline a CET holder for failure to comply with any part of OAR chapter 875 or Board of Pharmacy Rules (OAR chapter 855).

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Jun. 8, 2021