Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers

Rule Rule 877-010-0015
Chair’s Responsibilities


The Board Chair shall be responsible to carry out the duties of the Chair, including but not limited to the following:


Develop a draft agenda for each board meeting.


Act as Chair during the meetings of the Board.


Call Board meetings as necessary.


Appoint Board members to Board committees.


Supervise the Executive Director and act as Chair of the Personnel Committee.


Conduct business with the Governor’s Office and the Department of Administrative Services as necessary.


Execute documents as necessary to conduct Board business.


Carry out administrative actions which meet applicable Board rules and guidelines in the interim between Board meetings, which shall be presented to the full Board for ratification or approval on the Consent Agenda of the Board meeting immediately following the Chair administrative action. For purposes of this section of rules, administrative actions by the Board Chair include, but are not limited to:


Approval of CSWA supervision plans, plan changes and plan completions.


Approval of applications for licensure or certification.


Approval of license or certification re-activations.


Approval of extensions of time for investigations under ORS 676.165 (Complaint investigation)(4).


The Chair is further authorized to take action in-between Board meetings on matters that require policy decisions by the Board, subject to ratification by the Board at the Board’s next meeting immediately following the Chair’s action. Any such actions shall be noted on the agenda for the next meeting of the Board and shall become the first order of new business at that next meeting.


The Vice-Chair shall act in lieu of the Chair when the Chair is unable to perform the required duties. If the Chair is aware in advance of any time periods where the Chair is unable to perform the duties of Chair, the Chair shall inform the Vice Chair and the Board’s Executive Director in writing.

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