Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers

Rule Rule 877-040-0003

The following definitions apply in this division of rules:


“Complainant” — A person or group of persons who files a complaint or the Board for Board-initiated complaints.


“Complaint” — A report or an allegation that a person regulated by the board has committed an act that could subject the person to discipline under ORS 675.540 (Grounds for disciplinary action) or is impaired. A complaint should specifically describe the conduct complained of to the best of the ability of the complainant


“Consumer Protection Committee” — A committee of one or more board members assigned by the board to fulfill specified functions related to complaints. There may be more than one Consumer Protection Committee.


“Impairment” — an inability to practice with reasonable competence and safety due to the habitual or excessive use of drugs or alcohol, other chemical dependency or a mental health condition.


“Respondent” — A person regulated by the board against whom a complaint is filed.


“Social work” in ORS 675.540 (Grounds for disciplinary action)(1)(c) and (1)(d) means “clinical social work” as defined in ORS 675.510 (Definitions for ORS 675.510 to 675.600)(2).

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