OAR 918-040-0000
Purpose and Scope


The Building Codes Division coordinates the activities of and has general supervision over seven advisory boards, as follows:


Board of Boiler Rules, established under ORS 480.535 (Board of Boiler Rules);


Electrical and Elevator Board, established under ORS 455.138 (Electrical and Elevator Board);


Residential and Manufactured Structures Board, established under ORS 455.135 (Residential and Manufactured Structures Board);


State Plumbing Board, established under ORS 693.115 (State Plumbing Board);


Building Codes Structures Board, established under ORS 455.132 (Building Codes Structures Board);


Mechanical Board, established under ORS 455.140 (Mechanical Board); and


Construction Industry Energy Board, established under ORS 455.492 (Construction Industry Energy Board).


Appointing authority for the six boards listed in subsections (1)(a) through (f) of this rule rests with the Governor and requires Senate confirmation. Appointing authority for (1)(g) rests with the boards listed in (1)(b) through (1)(f).


The rules in OAR chapter 918, division 40 establish consistent protocols for the administration of activities carried out by the boards listed in subsection (1).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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