OAR 918-090-0300
Requirements for the Quality Control Manual


All registered businesses providing plan review and inspection services shall create, maintain and make available to customers and affected jurisdictions, a quality control manual for their business operations that is approved by the division and includes the following:


The scope of work performed by the business;


Organizational structure of the company including the person or persons responsible for technical management and quality control;


A listing of the business’s contact numbers including address, phone and fax and, if available, e-mail;


Name and policy number of insurance carriers as required by these rules, or where applicable, verification from the municipality in which they are working, of municipality insurance coverage;


Procedures for approval of alternate materials, design or methods of construction and modifications through the building official having jurisdiction; and


Any documented policies and procedures describing business operations or application of the state building code and related regulations.


Registered businesses providing building official and building inspection program services as described in OAR 918, division 020 shall also include the following information in their manual:


Procedures for creating, maintaining and notifying the division of changes to the building inspection program standards (Operating Plan) required by OAR 918-020-0090 (Program Standards); and


Documentation of accounting procedures for receiving permit and hourly inspection fees and submitting required state surcharge reports and revenues to the division.


Registrants may substitute copies of policies, procedures and forms used by the authority having jurisdiction, for portions of the Quality Control Manual required by this rule where the local procedures are used by the business to perform their work.


Each registrant shall supplement its quality control manual following any change in process or items described in this rule and submit the supplement to the division for approval.


Registered businesses shall review their quality control manual at least once a year to verify it appropriately reflects its current organization and operations. Any revisions shall be forwarded to the division and incorporated into the copy available to customers and affected jurisdictions following division approval.

Source: Rule 918-090-0300 — Requirements for the Quality Control Manual, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=918-090-0300.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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