OAR 918-309-0400
Restricted Energy Electrical Bulk Labels


A separate Restricted Energy Electrical Permit Application Form and Restricted Energy Electrical Installer Log are created and adopted.


The Restricted Energy Electrical Permit can be taken out by a general or subcontractor, limited energy installer or property owner for the fee set by the board in OAR 918-309-0030 (Permits for Residential Wiring) for limited energy transactions provided the requirements of this rule are met. The person applying for the permit must:


Assume responsibility to call for an inspection when the permits are signed by appropriate persons, installations are completed and after all corrections are made and comply with the requirements of the restricted energy electrical laws and the restricted energy electrical rules;


Be responsible for all corrections required by the inspector under the permit, regardless of who performs the work;


Call for a final inspection when corrections are made and the work is completed.


Options. The person obtaining the permit may:


Limit the permit to only the work of the permittee; or


Include any and all limited energy installations including those done by separate installers, but the installations must be ready for inspection at the first inspection call. When this is done, the permit must be completed and separately signed by the person, also identifying the business responsible for each type of limited energy electrical installation.


The restricted energy activities to be covered by the permit must be declared at the time of the purchase of the permit:


It is not necessary to identify the contractor at the time of permit issuance;


New permits must be purchased for all other restricted energy installations;


If a contractor is changed, the contractor who completed the work must be identified.


Regardless of what was initially intended the permit only covers those installations that are in place at the time of the first call for limited energy electrical inspection. A separate permit must be purchased for all other limited energy installations whether the installations become ready for inspection at a later date or are done at a later date.


This rule does not apply to an industrial plant when ORS 479.560 (Issuance of permit) is applicable.


The Restricted Energy Electrical Installer Log must be posted at the job site for signing by appropriate persons installing the separate electrical systems as shown on the form. A municipality may require more than one log to be completed and left at the job site if it chooses to.

Source: Rule 918-309-0400 — Restricted Energy Electrical Bulk Labels, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=918-309-0400.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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