Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Building Codes Division

Rule Rule 918-770-0230
Special Deputy Certification Procedures


A special deputy inspector may determine if a plumbing product meets applicable minimum health and safety standards adopted by the Board by:


Examining the product and its components for compliance with applicable product standards approved by the Board;


Reviewing the assembly of labeled, listed, recognized or noncertified components for correct and applicable application and installation;


Reviewing code compliance; and


Requiring “production type” testing where required by the applicable product safety standard adopted by the Board.


A certification label is attached by the special deputy inspector on the product, or placement of a certification label is authorized.


Where production line products are accepted for special deputy certification, the special deputy may examine the product to approved standards, determine whether the product meets minimum health and safety standards and review production quality control processes. The special deputy may authorize attachment of labels to all future products manufactured in conformance with the manufacturer’s quality control plan approved by the special deputy. The special deputy may make periodic visits to any manufacturing facility to verify that the product continues to be manufactured in accordance with an approved quality control plan. Certifications of production line products approved by a special deputy shall be conditioned on the product continuing to be manufactured in conformance with the product specifications and manufacturing requirements as originally approved by the special deputy.

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