Investigations of Deaths, Injuries and Missing Persons

ORS 146.117


A medical examiner or district attorney may order an autopsy performed in any death requiring investigation. This authorization for an autopsy shall permit the pathologist to remove and retain body tissues or organs from the deceased for the purpose of the legal or medical determination of the manner or cause of death, or other purposes approved under policies established by the State Medical Examiner Advisory Board.


If an autopsy is ordered, the medical examiner shall obtain the services of a pathologist authorized under ORS 146.045 (Duties of Chief Medical Examiner) (2)(b).


A pathologist may not receive compensation for performing the autopsy if, as medical examiner, the pathologist ordered the autopsy. [1973 c.408 §18; 1987 c.142 §4; 1995 c.744 §15]

See annotations under ORS 146.470 in permanent edition.

Chapter 146

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10 WLJ 2-10 (1973)


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