ORS 151.225
Public Defense Services Account


The Public Defense Services Account is established in the State Treasury, separate and distinct from the General Fund. The Public Defense Services Account is continuously appropriated to the Public Defense Services Commission for:


Administration and support of the public defense system;


Reimbursement of the State Court Administrator under ORS 151.216 (Duties) (1)(m); and


Legal representation of parents and children involved in foster care for which matching funds under 45 C.F.R. 1356.60(c) may be used.


The following moneys shall be deposited in the Public Defense Services Account:


Moneys received by the commission from the State Court Administrator under ORS 151.216 (Duties) (1)(m);


Moneys received by the Judicial Department under ORS 135.050 (Eligibility for court-appointed counsel) (8), 151.487 (Ability to pay) (1), 419A.211 (Appointment of counsel) or 419B.198 (Responsibility for payment of costs related to provision of appointed counsel for child or ward) (1);


Federal matching funds received under 45 C.F.R. 1356.60(c); and


Miscellaneous revenues and receipts of the commission.


All gifts, grants or contributions accepted by the commission under ORS 151.216 (Duties) shall be deposited in a separate subaccount created in the Public Defense Services Account to be used by the commission for the purpose for which the gift, grant or contribution was given or granted. [2001 c.962 §§5,106b; 2011 c.597 §43a; 2012 c.107 §37; 2015 c.27 §14; 2021 c.202 §4; 2021 c.678 §§7,7a]
Note: See note under 151.211 (Definitions for ORS 151.211 to 151.221).

Source: Section 151.225 — Public Defense Services Account, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors151.­html.

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