Sex Offender Reporting and Classification

ORS 163A.235
Agreements to resolve concerns about community notification

Upon the request of the Department of State Police, a city police department, a county sheriff’s office or a supervising agency, a supervising agency or an agency having responsibility for community notification shall enter into agreements to resolve concerns regarding community notification. As used in this section:


“Community notification” means the disclosure of information to the public as provided in ORS 163A.005 (Definitions for ORS 163A) to 163A.235 (Agreements to resolve concerns about community notification).


“Supervising agency” means a governmental entity responsible for supervising a person required to report under ORS 163A.010 (Reporting by sex offender discharged, paroled or released from correctional facility or another United States jurisdiction), 163A.015 (Reporting by sex offender discharged, released or placed on probation by court or another United States jurisdiction) or 163A.025 (Reporting by sex offender adjudicated in juvenile court). [Formerly 181.845]


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