ORS 176.353
Duties of Racial Justice Council


The Racial Justice Council shall provide advice and recommendations to the Governor relating to racial justice, which may include:


Recommending changes to state policies, practices, budgets and structures to align them within a racial justice and equity framework.


Creating action plans to promote racial justice in areas including criminal justice, police accountability, housing and homelessness, human services, economic opportunity, health equity, environmental equity and education recovery.


Developing long-term strategies to institutionalize racial justice into the conduct of state business.


Establishing and maintaining communication between community leaders and the Office of the Governor.


Identifying areas of potential future collaboration with the state and outside stakeholders.


Directing the collection of data from across sectors of society to support data-driven policy decisions.


Providing principles and recommendations that center racial justice to the Governor to inform the Governor’s budget and tax expenditure report required under ORS 291.202 (Budget and tax expenditure report of Governor).


Monitoring progress on programs and investments recommended by the council, in cooperation with the Office of the Governor, the official responsible for cultural change in the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, the Chief Data Officer appointed under ORS 276A.353 (Chief Data Officer) and other agencies or officials as appropriate.


The council shall advise and assist state agencies in creating racial impact statements for programs included in agency request budgets under ORS 291.206 (Guidance of agencies in completing agency request budgets).


The council shall establish and maintain avenues of communication with appropriate officers and committees of the Legislative Assembly to monitor investments in and track progress toward racial equity.


As used in this section, “racial justice” has the meaning given that term in ORS 176.350 (Racial Justice Council). [2021 c.612 §3]

Source: Section 176.353 — Duties of Racial Justice Council, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors176.­html.

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