Municipal Utilities

ORS 225.250
Application of earnings

The earnings of the electric plant or distributing system shall be applied and used in payment of warrants and interest thereon issued in connection with operation of any such plant or system, and also in payment for alterations, improvements, additions or extensions and for redemption and retirement of outstanding bonds, together with interest thereon, and shall be expended only in connection with and for improving such plant or system and not for other municipal purposes, except as otherwise provided in ORS 225.270 (Use of surplus revenue).

Notes of Decisions

The expenditure of public money to advocate voter approval of a bonding issue is not impliedly authorized as necessarily incident to the express powers granted by this section or ORS 225.270. Porter v. Tiffany, 11 Or App 542, 502 P2d 1385 (1972), Sup Ct review denied

Language in this section relating to "alterations, improvements, additions or extensions" to electric plant or distributing systems furnished authorization for energy conservation plan of Eugene Water and Electric Board. Nicoll v. City of Eugene, 52 Or App 379, 628 P2d 1213 (1981), as modified by53 Or App 528, 632 P2d 502 (1981)


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