State Lands Generally

ORS 273.436
Lease procedure

  • payment of taxes

Every lease entered into pursuant to ORS 270.110 (Disposition of property not needed for public use) shall be authorized by order of the state agency executing the same and shall provide such terms and conditions as may be fixed and determined by the governmental body executing the same. Any such lease may provide that the lessee shall pay ad valorem taxes assessable against the leased property, or that the state agency shall pay such taxes, in which latter event the anticipated amount of taxes shall be taken into consideration in fixing the rental charge. [1981 c.787 §15; 1991 c.816 §22]
Chapter 273

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Requirements of competitive bidding on property valued over $1,000, (1975) Vol 37, p 773; authority of State Land Board to enter into nonprofit water supply corporation, (1978) Vol 38, p 2199

Law Review Citations

4 EL 343, 344 (1984)


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