ORS 278.130
Employment of staff assistance

  • payment for services by Attorney General

The Oregon Department of Administrative Services may employ such professional services and other personnel deemed necessary, other than defense counsel, to carry out the administration of this chapter and ORS 30.260 (Definitions for ORS 30.260 to 30.300) to 30.290 (Settlement of claims by local public body) and 278.322 (Child care facility liability insurance coverage). The Attorney General may employ defense counsel and shall charge the department for the cost of the services of the defense counsel and the Attorney General required under these statutes, and such costs and the costs incurred by the department in the administration of these statutes shall be paid out of the Insurance Fund. [1975 c.609 §8; 1981 c.109 §18; 1985 c.731 §16; 1993 c.500 §27]

Source: Section 278.130 — Employment of staff assistance; payment for services by Attorney General, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors278.­html.

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