Public Contracting - General Provisions

ORS 279A.015

It is the policy of the State of Oregon, in enacting the Public Contracting Code, that a sound and responsive public contracting system should:


Simplify, clarify and modernize procurement practices so that they reflect the marketplace and industry standards.


Instill public confidence through ethical and fair dealing, honesty and good faith on the part of government officials and those who do business with the government.


Promote efficient use of state and local government resources, maximizing the economic investment in public contracting within this state.


Clearly identify rules and policies that implement each of the legislatively mandated socioeconomic programs that overlay public contracting and accompany the expenditure of public funds.


Allow impartial and open competition, protecting both the integrity of the public contracting process and the competitive nature of public procurement. In public procurement, as set out in ORS chapter 279B, meaningful competition may be obtained by evaluation of performance factors and other aspects of service and product quality, as well as pricing, in arriving at best value.


Provide a public contracting structure that can take full advantage of evolving procurement methods as they emerge within various industries, while preserving competitive bidding as the standard for public improvement contracts unless otherwise exempted. [2003 c.794 §3]


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