Economic Development II

ORS 285B.266
Strategic Reserve Fund

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There is created a Strategic Reserve Fund, separate and distinct from the General Fund, to consist of all moneys credited thereto, including moneys from the Administrative Services Economic Development Fund, and all interest earned on the Strategic Reserve Fund. The fund is continuously appropriated to the Oregon Business Development Department to be used to implement statewide strategies for economic development.


The fund shall not be used to retire any debt or, except upon approval of the Joint Ways and Means Committee or, if the Legislative Assembly is not in session, the Emergency Board, to pay administrative expenses of the department. Expenses that are project related shall not be considered to be administrative expenses of the department.


The department is directed to place particular emphasis on investments that assist communities, businesses or industries in cost-effective projects that assist the creation, expansion and preservation of the principal traded sector industries of Oregon and encourage diversification and preservation of regional economies. The fund shall be used to assist economic and community development projects of public entities, industry groups or businesses with significant long-term, regional or statewide economic impacts, to provide interim financing mechanisms to augment existing public or private sector programs or to analyze statewide, long-term economic issues and opportunities. [Formerly 285.653; 1999 c.509 §19; 2009 c.830 §80]


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