Local Government Borrowing

ORS 287A.634
Powers and duties of commission

  • rules
  • fees


The Oregon Municipal Debt Advisory Commission may:


Provide assistance and consultation, upon request of the state or a public body, to assist them in the planning, preparation, marketing and sale of new bond issues to reduce the cost of the issuance to the issuer and to assist in protecting the issuer’s credit.


Collect, maintain and provide financial, economic and social data on public bodies pertinent to their ability to issue and pay bonds.


Collect, maintain and provide information on bonds sold and outstanding and serve as a clearinghouse for all local bond issues.


Maintain contact with municipal bond underwriters, credit rating agencies, investors and others to improve the market for public body bond issues.


Undertake or commission studies on methods to reduce the costs of state and local bond issues.


Recommend changes in state law and local practices to improve the sale and servicing of local bonds.


Perform any other function required or authorized by law.


Pursuant to ORS chapter 183, adopt rules necessary to carry out its duties.


The commission shall publish:


A periodic newsletter describing proposed bond issues, bond sales, refundings, credit rating changes and other information relating to municipal bonds that is pertinent to issuers, underwriters, investors and the public.


An annual report describing and evaluating the operations of the commission during the preceding year.


The commission may charge reasonable fees for providing services under subsection (1) of this section.


The commission shall transfer the amounts received under this section to the State Treasurer for deposit in the Miscellaneous Receipts Account in the General Fund for the State Treasurer described in ORS 286A.016 (Disposition of charges). The moneys deposited in the account pursuant to this section are continuously appropriated to the State Treasurer for payment of expenses of the State Treasurer in providing services to the commission pursuant to ORS 287A.632 (Meetings). [Formerly 287.034]


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