ORS 289.115

In carrying out its duties under this chapter, the Oregon Facilities Authority, acting for and in behalf of the state as its duly authorized agency, may:


Acquire, construct and hold in whole or in part any lands, buildings, easements, water and air rights, improvements to lands and buildings and capital equipment to be located permanently or used exclusively on such lands or in such buildings, which are considered necessary in connection with an eligible project to be situated within this state, and construct, reconstruct, improve, better and extend such projects, and enter into contracts therefor; and


Sell and convey all properties acquired in connection with eligible projects, including without limitation the sale and conveyance thereof subject to any mortgage and the sale and conveyance thereof under an option granted to the lessee of the eligible project, for such price, and at such time as the state may determine. However, no sale or conveyance of such properties shall ever be made in such manner as to impair the rights of interests of the holder, or holders, or any bonds issued under the authority of this chapter. [1989 c.820 §7; 1991 c.408 §3]
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