Depositories of Public Funds and Securities

ORS 295.108
State Treasurer rules

  • form of report


The State Treasurer shall adopt rules to implement the provisions of ORS 295.001 (Definitions for ORS 295.001 to 295.108) to 295.108 (State Treasurer rules), including without limitation:


Rules describing permitted forms of collateral and the valuation of collateral;


Requirements that must be met by financial institutions and other third parties outside this state to hold public funds;


Fees paid by qualified depositories or custodians; and


Reporting by depositories, qualified depositories and custodians.


The State Treasurer shall design the treasurer report required by ORS 295.061 (Treasurer reports) to minimize the regulatory burden of completing and submitting the report and, to the greatest extent practicable, to make the form of the report and the content required in the report consistent with the information required by the qualified depository’s report of condition and income. [2007 c.871 §14; 2010 c.101 §25; 2019 c.587 §32]
§§ 295.005 to 295.165

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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Chapter 295

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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