Property Taxation Generally

ORS 306.150
Inservice training for assessors and tax collectors


The Department of Revenue shall carry on at its own expense a program of inservice training for the assessors and tax collectors of the various counties:


By periodically distributing to them bulletins prepared and published by the department pertaining to the principles and practices of assessment, apportionment, levy and collection of public taxes;


By periodically distributing to them lists of selected readings in the fields of assessment and taxation; and


By establishing and conducting such classes of instruction for county assessors and tax collectors in the principles and practices of assessment and collection of public taxes as in the opinion of the Director of the Department of Revenue may be expedient and beneficial to the needs of the state and the advancement of the tax assessing and tax collecting professions.


The director may call one meeting each year of the several county assessors and may provide for the payment of the necessary traveling expenses of the assessors in attending the meeting. [Amended by 1969 c.520 §29; 2003 c.46 §9]
Chapter 306

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