Boundary Changes

ORS 330.005
Division of state into school districts

  • definitions for school laws


For public school purposes, this state is divided into subdivisions known as school districts.


For purposes of the school laws of this state, unless the context requires otherwise:


“School district” includes a common school district, a joint school district and a union high school district.


“Common school district” means a school district, other than a union high school district, formed primarily to provide education in all or part of kindergarten through grade 12 to pupils residing within the district.


“Joint school district” means a common or union high school district with territory in more than one county.


“Union high school district” means a school district, other than a common school district, that is responsible for education in high school grades but not in primary grades, formed in accordance with ORS 335.210 (General school laws applicable) to 335.485 (1963 Replacement Part).


“Governing body of the county” means the county court, the board of county commissioners or the unit of government designated by the county charter to exercise the power or duty prescribed in the section in which the term occurs.


“Most populous district” means the school district that has the largest number of pupils in average daily membership, as defined in ORS 327.006 (Definitions for State School Fund distributions). [1965 c.100 §71; 1971 c.513 §86; 1989 c.819 §1a; 1991 c.167 §5; 1991 c.586 §1; 2003 c.226 §12]


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