Statewide Coordination of Higher Education

ORS 350.750
Nonresident tuition in post-secondary educational institutions

The Legislative Assembly finds that:


It is in the interest of this state and its people that Oregon residents have access to the post-secondary institutions in the Northwest which best provide for the educational needs of those students;


The people of Oregon and their post-secondary institutions benefit through the provision of access to Oregon colleges and universities for students from the state of Washington and from the enhanced economic and cultural well-being of the northwest region;


The state should reduce or eliminate the nonresident tuition barriers that might exist between the states of Oregon and Washington to restrict or inhibit enrollment of residents of one of these states in a community college or public college or university in the other state;


The general policy statement on reduction of admission and tuition barriers between the states of Oregon and Washington shall not apply to students at the Oregon Health and Science University, where enrollment priority shall continue to be given to qualified Oregon residents; and


The Higher Education Coordinating Commission shall develop plans to carry out the intent of this policy within the appropriations available, and shall report to the appropriate legislative review agency before implementing the plan. [Formerly 351.647]


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Jun. 26, 2021