ORS 354.685
Methods of finance

When authorized by its electors, a district board may finance the acquisition, purchase, lease, operation or maintenance of the district by any of the following methods:


Imposition of a service charge upon property within the district for use of the translator signals as provided in ORS 354.690 (Liability for service charge). A district created before May 7, 1979, shall be considered to have received elector authorization for imposition of the service charge.


Issuance of revenue bonds. The revenue bonds shall be issued as prescribed in ORS chapter 287A, but are not subject to the requirements of ORS 287A.150 (Authority of public body to issue revenue bonds). The revenue bonds are payable both as to principal and interest from revenues only. The revenue bonds shall not be subject to the percentage limitation applicable to general obligation bonds and shall not be a lien on any of the taxable property within the limits of the district and shall be payable solely from such part of revenues of the district as remains after the payment of obligations having a priority and of all expenses of operation and maintenance of the district. All revenue bonds shall contain a provision that both the principal and interest are payable solely from the operating revenues of the district remaining after paying such obligations and expenses. [1975 c.286 §8; 1979 c.108 §14; 2007 c.783 §159]

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