Oregon Historical and Heritage Agencies, Programs and Tax Provisions

ORS 358.653
Conservation program

  • leases


Any state agency or political subdivision responsible for real property of historic significance in consultation with the State Historic Preservation Officer shall institute a program to conserve the property and assure that such property shall not be inadvertently transferred, sold, demolished, substantially altered or allowed to deteriorate.


State agencies and political subdivisions may and are encouraged to lease real property of historic significance to private businesses and nonprofit organizations for purposes which are consistent with the nature of the property.


Where possible, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services shall acquire or lease buildings of historic significance for state use.


As used in this section, “political subdivision” includes counties, cities, school districts and any other governmental unit within the state not included in ORS 358.635 (Definitions for ORS 358). [1983 c.295 §§1,5,6; 1989 c.743 §3]


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