County Roads

ORS 368.910
Owner to repair sidewalks and curbs along road

  • county may repair if owner fails


Whenever in an unincorporated area, sidewalks or curbs are constructed along county roads or are existing along roads taken over by the county, the owner of the abutting real property shall maintain and repair the sidewalks or curbs. If any such sidewalk or curb is out of repair, the county governing body shall send a notice by mail to the owner of the abutting property to repair the sidewalk or curb, setting forth the nature and extent of repairs and the time, not less than 30 days, within which they must be made.


If the owner does not make the repairs within the time allowed, the county governing body may order the repairs to be made. The county governing body shall file the order for the repairs with the county clerk, the order describing the abutting property. The recorded order is notice that the described property is subject to a lien for the cost of the repairs, in an amount to be determined later by an order of the county governing body. The county clerk shall indorse upon the order the date of the filing and record and index the order in special books to be kept by the county clerk for such purpose.


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