ORS 374.329
Agreements with cities


When it is determined by the Department of Transportation and a city that it is in the best interest of highway users to abandon a segment of the state highway, the department and the city may enter into an agreement to transfer jurisdiction and ownership of the segment of state highway to the city.


In addition to funds provided to the city under ORS 366.800 (Appropriation from highway fund for cities), the department may agree to provide funds annually to the city for the continued construction, repair, maintenance and improvement of the abandoned state highway from the State Highway Fund.


The agreement between the department and the city accepting jurisdiction must contain provisions to ensure that freight movement on the highway will not be restricted beyond the limits set in the agreement, unless the Oregon Transportation Commission, in consultation with the freight industry and the city, concludes that the restriction is necessary for the safety of the highway users. Nothing in this section prevents a city from taking emergency action to protect safety or place weight restrictions on a structure that is failing or otherwise damaged. [2011 c.330 §23]

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May. 15, 2020