Oregon Tollways
ORS 383.003
Definitions for ORS 383.003 to 383.075

As used in ORS 383.003 (Definitions for ORS 383.003 to 383.075) to 383.075 (Driver records and information used to collect and enforce tolls):


“Department” means the Department of Transportation.


“Electronic toll collection system” means a system that records use of a tollway by electronic transmissions to or from the vehicle using the tollway and that collects tolls, or that is capable of charging an account established by a person for use of the tollway.


“Photo enforcement system” means a system of sensors installed to work in conjunction with an electronic toll collection system and other traffic control devices and that automatically produces videotape or one or more photographs, microphotographs or other recorded images of a vehicle in connection with the collection or enforcement of tolls.


“Private entity” means any nongovernmental entity, including a corporation, partnership, company or other legal entity, or any natural person.


“Related facility” means any real or personal property that:


Will be used to operate, maintain, renovate or facilitate the use of the tollway;


Will provide goods or services to the users of the tollway; or


Can be developed efficiently when tollways are developed and will generate revenue that may be used to reduce tolls or will be deposited in the State Tollway Account.


“Toll” means any fee or charge for the use of a tollway.


“Toll booth collections” means the manual or mechanical collection of cash or charging of an account at a toll plaza, toll booth or similar fixed toll collection facility.


“Tollway” means any roadway, path, highway, bridge, tunnel, railroad track, bicycle path or other paved surface or structure specifically designed as a land vehicle transportation route, the construction, operation or maintenance of which is wholly or partially funded with toll revenues resulting from an agreement under ORS 383.005 (Agreements for tollway projects).


“Tollway operator” means the unit of government or the private entity that is responsible for the construction, reconstruction, installation, improvement, financing, maintenance, repair and operation of a tollway or a related facility.


“Tollway project” means any capital project involving the acquisition of land for, or the construction, reconstruction, improvement, installation, development or equipping of, a tollway, related facilities or any portion thereof.


“Unit of government” means any department or agency of the federal government, any state, any department or agency of a state, any bistate entity created by agreement under ORS 190.420 (Authority of public agency to make agreements with public agencies in other states) or other law for the purposes of the Interstate 5 bridge replacement project, and any city, county, district, port or other public corporation organized and existing under statutory law or under a voter-approved charter. [1995 c.668 §2; 2007 c.531 §3; 2013 c.4 §9]
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