Search and Rescue

ORS 404.200
Definitions for ORS 404.200 to 404.215

As used in ORS 404.200 (Definitions for ORS 404.200 to 404.215) to 404.215 (Workers’ compensation coverage):


“Qualified search and rescue volunteer” means a person who is:


Registered with the Office of Emergency Management to conduct search and rescue activities;


Registered with a sheriff to conduct search and rescue activities;


A member of a designated search and rescue organization that is registered with a sheriff or the Office of Emergency Management; or


Acknowledged in writing as a qualified search and rescue volunteer by the Office of Emergency Management, or by a sheriff or the designee of a sheriff, at the scene of a search or rescue.


“Search and rescue activities” means:


Searching for, rescuing or recovering any person who is missing, injured or deceased; and


Training to perform the activities described in paragraph (a) of this subsection that is either conducted or approved by a public body. [2009 c.718 §11; 2011 c.403 §1]


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