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ORS 410.625
Authority of commission

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In carrying out its duties under ORS 410.595 (Legislative intent and findings) to 410.625 (Authority of commission), the Home Care Commission may:


Enter into an interagency agreement or a contract with any state agency for the performance of the commission’s duties or the leasing of office space;


Provide nonemployee compensation to home care workers and personal support workers or prospective home care workers and personal support workers who attend training sessions approved or sponsored by the commission;


On behalf of an elderly person or a person with a disability who hires a home care worker or personal support worker through the home care registry, elect workers’ compensation coverage or arrange for health insurance coverage, including group coverage, for the person’s home care workers or personal support workers; and


As prescribed by rule, charge fees to and collect fees from persons who attend training sessions sponsored by the commission and who currently are not home care workers or personal support workers.


The commission and the Department of Human Services shall confer as to the amount of funds necessary to carry out the duties and activities of the commission, and the department shall include the agreed upon amount in the Governor’s budget.


The commission may apply for and receive gifts and grants from any public or private source.


The commission may award grants from funds appropriated by the Legislative Assembly to the department for allocation to the commission or from funds otherwise available from any other source for the purpose of carrying out the duties of the commission under ORS 410.595 (Legislative intent and findings) to 410.625 (Authority of commission). [2007 c.797 §2; 2009 c.11 §51; 2014 c.116 §11; 2016 c.117 §66; 2018 c.75 §18]
Chapter 410

Notes of Decisions

Agency rules making placement of handicapped and elderly persons factor of their primary service needs and providing for different residential facilities to accommodate persons with different needs were consistent with provisions of this chapter in effect at time petitioner, who was mentally retarded, was refused placement at facility which primarily served elderly. Dempsey v. Senior Services Division, 92 Or App 163, 758 P2d 367 (1988)


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