Recovery and Reimbursement of Aid

ORS 416.820
Acceptance and disbursement of gifts for support of certain persons

The Department of Human Services may accept funds, money or other valuable things from relatives, corporations or interested persons or organizations for the care and support of needy persons and may expend the same for the care and support of the individual or individuals for whom the money was paid. Funds accruing thereunder shall be deposited with the State Treasurer in a special account and shall be disbursed in accordance with ORS 411.060 (Rules) to 411.095 (Notice and hearings for public assistance and medical assistance) and 411.710 (Basis for granting general assistance) to 411.730 (Application for general assistance). [Formerly 411.520; 1971 c.779 §51; 2009 c.11 §59]


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