ORS 438.140
License content

  • display
  • nontransferability
  • voidability
  • special permit when director changes


A license issued to the owner of a clinical laboratory shall show on its face the names of the owners and directors, the location of the laboratory and the clinical laboratory specialties authorized under the license. The license shall be displayed at all times in a prominent place in the laboratory.


A license issued to the owner of a clinical laboratory is not transferable. The license of the laboratory is voided 30 days after a change in its director if it has only one director or if all directors change or a change in the ownership or in the location of the laboratory. In case of death of a director, immediate notification to the Director of the Oregon Health Authority or a designee who shall be empowered to issue a special temporary permit of 30 days’ duration issued to a designated substitute director is required. If a license is voided or a special temporary permit is issued under this section, a new license application, accompanied by the nonrefundable license fee prescribed in ORS 438.130 (License application), shall be filed with the authority. [1969 c.685 §8; 2009 c.595 §704]


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