Vector Control

ORS 452.240
Powers of county regarding vector control

Any county court may:


Take all necessary or proper steps and measures for the prevention, control or eradication of public health vectors using integrated pest management methods.


Abate as nuisances all vector habitats.


Purchase such supplies and materials and employ or contract for such labor as may be necessary or proper in furtherance of prevention, control or eradication.


Fix the compensation and prescribe the duties of all employees, agents and servants.


Enter upon all places within the county and adjacent thereto for the purpose of carrying out this section.


Cut or remove such shrubbery or undergrowth as is necessary or proper in order to carry out this section.


Treat, using integrated pest management methods places where public health vectors are found or are likely to exist.


Generally do any and all things necessary or incident to the powers granted in ORS 452.230 (Rights under contract) to 452.250 (Interference prohibited) and to carry out the objectives specified in this section. [Amended by 1959 c.600 §16; 1981 c.640 §14; 2007 c.71 §138; 2007 c.258 §7]


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