Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems

ORS 454.285
Resolution or ordinance


The governing body may adopt by resolution or ordinance a proposal to construct sewage treatment works and to finance the construction by revenue bonds, general obligation bonds or by assessment against the benefited property.


The resolution or ordinance shall:


Describe the boundaries of the affected area which must be located within a single drainage basin as identified in regional treatment works plans; and


Contain findings that there is a threat to drinking water.


The proposal must be approved by a majority vote of the governing body and does not require the approval of the residents or landowners in the affected area or municipality.


The governing body shall forward a certified copy of the resolution or ordinance to the Environmental Quality Commission. Preliminary plans and specifications for the proposed treatment works shall be submitted to the commission with the resolution or ordinance. [1981 c.358 §3; 1983 c.235 §8]


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