Urban Renewal

ORS 457.087
Report required to accompany proposed urban renewal plan

An urban renewal plan proposed by an urban renewal agency shall be accompanied by a report that contains:


A description of the physical, social and economic conditions in the urban renewal areas of the plan and the expected impact, including the fiscal impact, of the plan in light of added services or increased population;


Reasons for the selection of each urban renewal area in the plan;


The relationship between each project to be undertaken under the plan and the existing conditions in the urban renewal area;


The estimated total costs for each project and the sources of moneys to pay the costs;


The anticipated completion date for each project;


The estimated amount of moneys required for each urban renewal area under ORS 457.420 (Plan may provide for division of property taxes) to 457.470 (Modification of assessed value) and the anticipated year in which indebtedness will be retired or otherwise provided for under ORS 457.420 (Plan may provide for division of property taxes) to 457.470 (Modification of assessed value);


A financial analysis of the plan with sufficient information to determine the feasibility of the plan;


A fiscal impact statement that estimates the impact of the tax increment financing, both until and after the indebtedness is repaid, upon all districts levying taxes upon property in the urban renewal area; and


A relocation report that includes:


An analysis of existing residents or businesses required to relocate temporarily or permanently as a result of the urban renewal agency’s actions under ORS 457.170 (Urban renewal agency’s powers in planning or undertaking an urban renewal project);


A description of the methods to be used for the temporary or permanent relocation of persons living, and businesses situated, in the urban renewal area, in accordance with ORS 35.500 (Definitions for ORS 35.500 to 35.530) to 35.530 (Federal law controls); and


An enumeration, by cost range, of the existing housing units in the urban renewal areas of the plan to be destroyed or altered and the new units to be added. [2019 c.580 §4]
Chapter 457

Notes of Decisions

Provisions of this chapter creating urban renewal agencies, and provisions of Housing Authorities Law, ORS 456.055 to 456.235, are parallel statutory schemes, and thus identical provisions in the two acts will be given same effect. Housing Authority of Lane County v. Board of Commissioners, 35 Or App 785, 582 P2d 844 (1978), Sup Ct review denied

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Authority of urban renewal agency in selection of projects and delineation of project boundaries, (1977) Vol 38, p 1062


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