Reuse and Recycling

ORS 459A.550
Report on use of new and recycled glass

  • minimum percentage of recycled glass required


On or before February 28 each year, every glass container manufacturer shall report to the Department of Environmental Quality, in accordance with a method established by the department, the total amount, in tons, of new glass food, drink and beverage containers made in Oregon or sold to packagers located in Oregon by the glass container manufacturer during the previous calendar year, and the tons of recycled glass used in manufacturing the new containers. A glass container manufacturer located more than 750 miles from the borders of this state shall report to the department only for those years in which the glass container manufacturer sells more than 1,000 tons of new glass containers to packagers located in Oregon.


For glass containers manufactured in Oregon or within 750 miles of the borders of this state, each glass container manufacturer shall use the following minimum percentages of recycled glass in manufacturing glass food, drink or beverage containers:


Thirty-five percent on and after January 1, 1995.


Fifty percent on and after January 2, 2008.


Upon request from a glass container manufacturer, the department shall not enforce the requirement that a minimum percentage of recycled glass be used in the manufacturing of glass food, drink or beverage containers under subsection (2) of this section if the department determines that a glass container manufacturer cannot meet the minimum percentage requirements because of a lack of available glass cullet that meets reasonable specifications established by the manufacturer.


A manufacturer requesting an exemption from the recycled glass content requirements under this section shall inform the department of the steps the manufacturer plans to take in order to come into compliance with the recycled content requirements. The department shall grant exemptions for a period of no more than three years. An exemption may be renewed upon a reasonable showing by the applicant. The department may recover all costs involved in considering and acting upon exemption requests.


On or after January 2, 2008, in determining whether a glass container manufacturer has met the 50 percent minimum percentage requirement, the department shall credit toward the requirement the combined amount of recycled glass generated in Oregon for secondary end uses. If the combined amount meets the 50 percent minimum percentage requirement, the department shall not initiate enforcement action.


The department shall not enforce the provisions of subsection (2)(b) of this section until January 2, 2008.


As used in this section, “glass container manufacturer” means a person that manufactures new glass containers in Oregon or that, during the calendar year preceding the reporting period established under subsection (1) of this section, manufactured new glass containers outside Oregon that were sold by the manufacturer to packagers located in Oregon. [1991 c.385 §34; 1993 c.560 §92; 1997 c.537 §1; 1999 c.976 §1; 2003 c.671 §1]
§§ 459A.700 to 459A.740

(formerly 459.810 to 459.890)

Notes of Decisions

The "bottle bill" is a valid exercise of Oregon's police power and is valid under the U.S. Constitution and the Oregon Constitution. Am. Can Co. v. Ore. Liquor Control Comm., 15 Or App 618, 517 P2d 691 (1973)

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