Determination of Water Rights Initiated Before February 24, 1909

ORS 539.130
Findings of fact and determination of director

  • certification of proceedings
  • filing in court
  • fixing time for hearing by court
  • notice
  • force of director’s determination


As soon as practicable after the compilation of the data the Water Resources Director shall make and cause to be entered of record in the Water Resources Department findings of fact and an order of determination determining and establishing the several rights to the waters of the stream. The original evidence gathered by the director, and certified copies of the observations and measurements and maps of record, in connection with the determination, as provided for by ORS 539.120 (Examination by director of stream and diversions in contest), together with a copy of the order of determination and findings of fact of the director as they appear of record in the Water Resources Department, shall be certified to by the director and filed with the clerk of the circuit court wherein the determination is to be heard. A certified copy of the order of determination and findings shall be filed with the county clerk of every other county in which the stream or any portion of a tributary is situated.


Upon the filing of the evidence and order with the court the director shall procure an order from the court, or any judge thereof, fixing the time at which the determination shall be heard in the court, which hearing shall be at least 40 days subsequent to the date of the order. The clerk of the court shall, upon the making of the order, forthwith forward a certified copy to the department by registered mail or by certified mail with return receipt.


The department shall immediately upon receipt thereof notify by registered mail or by certified mail with return receipt each claimant or owner who has appeared in the proceeding of the time and place for hearing. Service of the notice shall be deemed complete upon depositing it in the post office as registered or certified mail, addressed to the claimant or owner at the post-office address of the claimant or owner, as set forth in the proof of the claimant or owner theretofore filed in the proceeding. Proof of service shall be made and filed with the circuit court by the department as soon as possible after mailing the notices.


The determination of the department shall be in full force and effect from the date of its entry in the records of the department, unless and until its operation shall be stayed by a stay bond as provided by ORS 539.180 (Bond or irrevocable letter of credit to stay operation of director’s determination). [Amended by 1991 c.102 §7; 1991 c.249 §49]


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