Experiment Stations

ORS 567.230
County court may acquire site for station

The county court of the county in which the experimental station may be located may acquire by purchase or lease sufficient suitable land to be selected by Oregon State University, acting in cooperation with a representative of the United States Department of Agriculture. In case the land is acquired by purchase, the purchase price shall be paid from the general funds of the county upon the order of the county court by a warrant, in the manner in which other claims against the county are paid. In case the site for the station is acquired by lease, the lease shall be made in favor of the State of Oregon for such term of years and upon such conditions as shall be required by Oregon State University, and the rent shall be paid out of the county treasury of the county in which the station is located by warrant drawn upon the county treasury by an order of the county court. [Amended by 2015 c.767 §188]


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