Nursery Stock

ORS 571.005
Definitions for ORS 571.005 to 571.230

Unless the context requires otherwise, as used in ORS 571.005 (Definitions for ORS 571.005 to 571.230) to 571.230 (Disposition and use of moneys received):


“Agent” means any person only soliciting orders in this state for the purchase or sale of nursery stock for any principal who is not licensed under ORS 571.005 (Definitions for ORS 571.005 to 571.230) to 571.230 (Disposition and use of moneys received) and 571.991 (Penalties for ORS 571.005 to 571.230).




Means any person who deals in, sells, handles, consigns or accepts on consignment, imports, stores, displays or advertises nursery stock which the person has not grown.


Does not mean a person whose business is located out of state and who imports and sells such nursery stock not grown in Oregon into this state and who only solicits such nursery stock sales through salesmen or representatives or by mail or advertisement. Such person to be exempt as a dealer must not own, lease, control or maintain buildings, warehouses or any location or place in Oregon in which or through which such nursery stock is stored, sold, offered for sale or held for sale or delivered therefrom. The nursery stock must be shipped direct from the out-of-state location or place of business to the grower, wholesaler, retailer or ultimate consumer or user in Oregon.


“Department” means the State Department of Agriculture.


“Grower” means any person who grows nursery stock.


“Nursery stock” includes all botanically classified plants or any part thereof, such as floral stock, herbaceous plants, bulbs, buds, corms, culms, roots, scions, grafts, cuttings, fruit pits, seeds of fruits, forest and ornamental trees and shrubs, berry plants, and all trees, shrubs and vines and plants collected in the wild that are grown or kept for propagation or sale. “Nursery stock” does not include:


Field and forage crops.


The seeds of grasses, cereal grains, vegetable crops and flowers.


The bulbs and tubers of vegetable crops.


Any vegetable or fruit used for food or feed.


Cut flowers, unless stems or other portions thereof are intended for propagation.


“Person” includes but is not limited to each branch store or place of business in which or at which the business of the dealer or grower is conducted and each member of a cooperative association.


“Sell” or “sale” means to offer, expose or hold for sale, have for the purpose of sale, or to solicit orders for sale, or to deliver, distribute, exchange, furnish or supply. [1963 c.461 §1; 1977 c.638 §1]


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