Disease Control Generally

ORS 596.020
Duties of the State Department of Agriculture in protection of people and livestock


The State Department of Agriculture shall:


Exercise general sanitary and disease control supervision over the livestock of this state, and as far as possible, protect the livestock of this state from disease.


Take all measures necessary and proper, in its judgment, to control diseases within this state and to eradicate and prevent the spread of infectious, contagious and communicable diseases that may exist among livestock and to prevent the entry into this state of animals or materials liable to convey infectious, contagious and communicable diseases to the livestock or people of this state.


Prohibit and prevent the sale or use of products dangerous to the health of livestock.


The breeding, raising, producing in captivity and marketing of foxes, mink, chinchilla, rabbit, caracul or ratite is an agricultural pursuit. All such animals raised in captivity are domesticated fur-bearing animals or domesticated fowl within the meaning of ORS 596.010 (Definitions) and are subject to the provisions of this chapter. Such animals are not within the purview of the state game laws. All other animals in captivity are subject to the provisions of this chapter for purposes of disease control only.


The department may, to the extent of its professional ability and at the request of a governmental body, assist them in the performance of their prescribed duties. [Amended by 1955 c.557 §2; 1965 c.217 §1; 1971 c.483 §1; 1975 c.399 §1; 1997 c.162 §1]


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