Fences to Prevent Damage by or to Animals

ORS 608.350
Fences sufficient to relieve railroad of liability

No railroad track shall be deemed to be fenced within the meaning of ORS 608.340 (Liability of railroad for killing or injuring stock) unless it is guarded by such fence against the entrance thereon of any livestock on either side of the track, and not more than 100 feet from the track. Whatever is a lawful fence in the county where the killing or injury occurs, and no other, shall be deemed a lawful fence under ORS 608.340 (Liability of railroad for killing or injuring stock). However, complete natural defenses against the entrance of stock upon the track, such as natural walls or deep ditches, shall be deemed to be a fence under such section, when it, in connection with other and ordinary lawful fences, forms a continuous guard and defense against the entrance of such livestock upon the track.


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