Miscellaneous Prohibitions Relating to Employment and Discrimination

ORS 659.820
Right of worker to recover damages and attorney fees


Any worker of this state, or any worker of another state, who is influenced, induced or persuaded to engage with any persons mentioned in ORS 659.815 (Deceptive representations or advertisements by persons employing labor prohibited), through or by means of any of the things prohibited in that statute, shall have a right of action for:


Recovery of all damages sustained in consequence of the false or deceptive representations, false advertising and false pretenses used to induce the worker to change the worker’s place of employment against any persons, corporations, companies, or associations, directly or indirectly causing such damages, or $500, whichever is greater; and


Such reasonable attorney fees at trial and on appeal as the court fixes, to be taxed in any judgment recovered.


In any action brought under this section, the court may allow the prevailing party costs and reasonable attorney fees at trial and on appeal. [Formerly 659.220]


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