ORS 683.170
Sanction may be set aside by board

Any disciplinary sanction, other than civil penalty, imposed for any of the causes listed in ORS 683.140 (Grounds for and nature of discipline), except those specified in ORS 683.140 (Grounds for and nature of discipline) (1)(a) and (b), may be set aside upon application of the affected person at any time within six months from the date of such sanction upon proof being made to the satisfaction of the Oregon Board of Optometry that the cause no longer exists and that the applicant has been sufficiently punished. However, before setting aside the revocation of any license the board may, in its discretion, require the applicant to pass the regular examination given for applicants. [Amended by 1985 c.103 §7; 1987 c.443 §7; 2005 c.379 §4]
Chapter 683

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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