ORS 685.010

As used in this chapter:


“Accredited naturopathic school or college” means a naturopathic school or college that offers a four-year full-time resident program of study in naturopathy that:


Leads to a doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine; and


Is approved by the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine to meet the standards specifically incorporated into board rules.


“Drugs” includes:


Substances recognized as drugs in the official United States Pharmacopoeia, official National Formulary, official Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, other drug compendium or any supplement to any of them;


Substances intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in a human;


Substances, other than food, intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of humans; and


Substances intended for use as a component of any substance specified in paragraph (a), (b) or (c) of this subsection.


“Minor surgery” means the use of electrical or other methods for the surgical repair and care incident thereto of superficial lacerations and abrasions, benign superficial lesions and the removal of foreign bodies located in the superficial structures; and the use of antiseptics and local anesthetics in connection therewith.


“Naturopathic medicine” means the discipline that includes physiotherapy, natural healing processes and minor surgery and has as its objective the maintaining of the body in, or of restoring it to, a state of normal health.


“Naturopathic physician” means a person who holds a degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and is licensed under this chapter. [Amended by 1953 c.557 §4; 1985 c.624 §3; 1989 c.575 §1; 1989 c.945 §3; 1993 c.42 §1; 1999 c.512 §1; 2003 c.154 §1; 2007 c.434 §1; 2009 c.43 §11; 2009 c.420 §1; 2015 c.224 §3]

Source: Section 685.010 — Definitions, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors685.­html.

Notes of Decisions

Acupuncture is not authorized as “minor surgery” or anesthesia under this section. State v. W. Sam Won, 19 Or App 580, 528 P2d 594 (1974), Sup Ct review denied

Doxycycline was drug within meaning of this section, and naturopathic physician violated ORS 685.030 by prescribing it. Hardt v. Bd. of Naturopathic Examiners, 44 Or App 679, 606 P2d 1169 (1980)

Where naturopathic physician prescribed Kwell as local antiseptic for removal of body lice, prescription was permissible because it was made in connection with “removal of foreign bodies located in superficial structures.” Hardt v. Bd. of Naturopathic Examiners, 44 Or App 679, 606 P2d 1169 (1980)

Where naturopathic physician prescribed piperazine as local anesthetic for removal of roundworms from intestine, his action was not taken in connection with minor surgery because intestines are not within common understanding of “superficial structures” under this section. Hardt v. Bd. of Naturopathic Examiners, 44 Or App 679, 606 P2d 1169 (1980)

Attorney General Opinions

Authority of licensee to purchase and use prescription and local anesthetic and antiseptic substances for minor surgery, (1978) Vol 38, p 2231; use of prescription drugs, controlled substances and injectable anesthetics, (1980) Vol 40, p 392

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