Hearing Aid Specialists

ORS 694.147
Disciplinary authority of Health Licensing Office


In the manner prescribed in ORS chapter 183 for contested cases, the Health Licensing Office may impose a form of discipline listed in ORS 676.612 (Disciplinary authority) against any person dealing in hearing aids for any of the grounds listed in ORS 676.612 (Disciplinary authority) and for any violation of the provisions of ORS 694.015 (Definitions for ORS 694.015 to 694.170) to 694.170 (Duties of council), or the rules adopted thereunder.


The office may also impose disciplinary sanctions against a person dealing in hearing aids for any of the following causes:


Failing or refusing to honor or to perform as represented any promise, agreement, warranty or representation in connection with the promotion, dispensing or fitting of a hearing aid.


Advertising a particular model, type or kind of hearing aid for sale that purchasers or prospective purchasers responding to the advertisement cannot purchase.


Failing to adhere to practice standards established by ORS 694.142 (Standards of practice) or rules adopted by the office. [2003 c.547 §83; 2005 c.648 §98; 2013 c.568 §120]
Chapter 694

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Licensed audiologist's authorization to deal in hearing aids, (1983) Vol 44, p 54


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