ORS 698.635
Definitions for ORS 698.640 and 698.650

As used in ORS 698.640 (Requirements for auction sales, consignment sales, auctioneers, consignees and auction marts) and 698.650 (Exemptions):


“Auction” or “auction sale” means a sale of or an offer to sell real or personal property to the highest bidder.


“Auctioneer” means a person who sells or offers to sell property at auction, either on the person’s own behalf or for another person.


“Auction mart” means a fixed or established place designed, intended or used to conduct auction sales where more than one sale has occurred during a calendar year.


“Consignee” means a person to whom another person offers, gives or entrusts personal property with the expectation that the person will sell the personal property in a manner other than at an auction sale and compensate the other person from the proceeds of the sale.


“Consignment sale” means a sale of personal property, or a display of personal property for the purpose of selling the personal property, that a consignee conducts in public or with members of the public other than at a public auction. [1983 c.404 §1; 2013 c.493 §1]


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