Innkeepers and Hotelkeepers

ORS 699.010
Limitation on innkeeper or hotelkeeper liability for valuables

No innkeeper or hotelkeeper, whether individual, partnership or corporation, who constantly has in the inn or hotel a metal safe or suitable vault in good order, and fit for the custody of money, bank notes, railroad mileage books or tickets, negotiable or valuable papers and bullion, jewelry, articles of gold and silver manufacture, precious stones or ornaments which are owned, used, held or carried by any guest not as sample merchandise or for sale, and who keeps on the doors of the sleeping rooms used by guests, locks or bolts, and who keeps a copy of ORS 164.125 (Theft of services) and 699.005 (Definitions) to 699.060 (Posting of law) conspicuously posted in the hotel or inn, as provided in ORS 699.060 (Posting of law), is liable for the loss of or injury to such property suffered by any guest, unless the guest has offered to deliver the property to the innkeeper or hotelkeeper for custody in such metal safe or vault, and the innkeeper or hotelkeeper has omitted or refused to take it and deposit it in such safe or vault for custody and to give such guest therefor a receipt, claim check or key to a separate compartment or box in such metal safe or vault. However, the keeper of any inn or hotel is not obliged to receive from any one guest for deposit in such safe or vault any property described and enumerated in this section exceeding a total value of $300, and shall not be liable to such guest for loss or damage to such property described and enumerated in this section in excess of the sum of $300, whether received or not; except that the innkeeper or hotelkeeper may by special arrangement with a guest receive for deposit in such safe or vault any property, other than that described and enumerated in this section upon such terms as they may agree to in writing. Every innkeeper or hotelkeeper is liable for the loss of any property of a guest in the inn or hotel, whether or not the property has been accepted for safekeeping as provided in this section, if the loss is due to the theft or negligence of the innkeeper, hotelkeeper or any of the servants of the innkeeper or hotelkeeper. [Amended by 1971 c.743 §411]


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