ORS 716.572
Mortgage loan applications; conditions for granting loan; manner of holding mortgages and trust deeds


An application for a mortgage loan or renewal or extension of a mortgage loan shall be written and show the date, name of the applicant, amount of loan requested and the security offered.


A mortgage loan shall be granted only upon the written report of at least two members of the board of investment of the savings bank certifying on the application, according to their best judgment, the value of the property to be mortgaged and recommending the loan. The application and written report shall be filed and preserved with the savings bank’s records.


Every mortgage and deed of trust and every assignment of a mortgage taken or held by a savings bank shall be held in its own name and immediately recorded in the office of the proper officer of the county in which the mortgaged property is located. [1973 c.797 §371h]
Chapter 716

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Applicability of licensing and registration requirements under Bank Act to loan solicitation office operating in Oregon, (1985) Vol. 44, p 378

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