ORS 72.5050
Seller’s shipment under reservation


Where the seller has identified goods to the contract by or before shipment:


The procurement by the seller of a negotiable bill of lading to the order of the seller or otherwise reserves in the seller a security interest in the goods. The procurement of the seller of the bill to the order of a financing agency or of the buyer indicates in addition only the seller’s expectation of transferring that interest to the person named.


A nonnegotiable bill of lading to the seller or nominee of the seller reserves possession of the goods as security but except in a case of conditional delivery as provided in ORS 72.5070 (Effect of seller’s tender) (2) a nonnegotiable bill of lading naming the buyer as consignee reserves no security interest even though the seller retains possession or control of the bill of lading.


When shipment by the seller with reservation of a security interest is in violation of the contract for sale it constitutes an improper contract for transportation within ORS 72.5040 (Shipment by seller) but impairs neither the rights given to the buyer by shipment and identification of the goods to the contract nor the seller’s powers as a holder of a negotiable document of title. [1961 c.726 §72.5050 (Seller’s shipment under reservation); 2009 c.181 §31]
Chapter 72

Law Review Citations

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